The man behind the lens

Capturing the finest moments of your life through the lens of an expert, Danushka Senadeera Photography is your uncontested choice for Photography.


With two decades of experience in Wedding Photography, our camera is bound to capture the most heartfelt moments that mark the beginning of your beautiful journey.


Our expertise is enriched by our respect for heritage, and our work reflects this. The photographs we capture are redolent with the nuances of emotion, tradition, and culture.


Specializing in Wedding Photography, we also offer photography services in Fashion, Event, and Commercial requirements.


We stand out from the immense competition with commitment to your satisfaction, embracing the newest technological advances with an intricate knowledge of the art.


Having captured mesmerizing across 14 different countries in over 3000 different shoots and satisfying countless clients, Dhanushka Senadeera Photography is sure to add a touch of carefully crafted magic into your memories.

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